A name that is iconic in Lingerie and Luxury

At Janet Reger we have always had a vision of how a woman can be at her most beautiful and most confident undressed. The brand was founded in an era of great social changes, women’s liberation and the statement bra burning which caught headlines during the 1960’s. Janet swam against that tide and stated ‘letting it all hang out’ was neither about emancipation nor empowerment; freedom of choice to wear anything you please along with women working and having financial equality were much more in keeping with her philosophy. In rediscovering the female form somewhere around 1967, Janet Reger erased conventional concepts that underwear was something practical, unmentionable and lay somewhere between the body and the dress. She transformed Britain’s attitude to underwear.

And so the original ‘Disruptive’ lingerie brand was established bringing daring designs in beautiful silk and lace onto a market awash with dullness and functionality. She had spotted a gap in the market and the first collection in 1967 was met with a great deal of scepticism by the industry experts who were convinced British women would never wear Janet’s bold, colourful and alluring designs. They would soon eat their words as the company grew from a back street in London’s Paddington to an internationally recognised brand with a huge celebrity following. Women and their men loved the ‘Reger’ look of matching sets, contrasting colours, delicate lace appliqué and bias cuts which has transformed the look of lingerie across the high street over the past 50 years.

Throughout her distinguished career as a visionary and leader in her field, Janet was driven by a passion to revolutionise the Lingerie world with her vision of how a woman should look and feel undressed. She said ‘It’s not what’s on the outside that counts. It’s what’s underneath….’ Today we uphold her mantra of ‘Confident Beauty Undressed’ Five decades on, Janet Reger continues to build on this remarkable heritage with a top tier bespoke range ‘Janet Reger Atelier’ as well as the more commercial ranges of accessible luxury collections aimed at today’s confident women. Regardless of positioning and price the DNA of ‘Beautiful Undressing’ runs through every piece with great design, superb quality and excellent fit being our standard. We are passionate about our products, we are proud of our legacy and excited about our future.